Deep Root Feeding: The Key to a Happy Tree

Trees are a valuable investment to your property. They are also an important natural resource. So it’s important that they get the nutrients to grow strong and healthy. The most common way to fertilize a tree is to scatter it around the base. But the plants in your yard may not be getting the most out of surface fertilizer because of competition with other plants and grass. Also, fertilizer on the surface takes a long time to reach the roots which can be several feet under the ground. That’s why arborists recommend deep root feeding. It’s a highly effective method that delivers fertilizer to where it matters, the roots.


Fall tree care is essential and with deep root feeding your trees will be happy and healthy all the way through the winter

How Is It Applied?

A tree’s needs are constantly changing due to weather and environmental factors. Deep root feeding helps ensure trees are receiving the nutrients they need to flourish. The process starts by injecting water, fertilizers, insecticides and other soil enhancers directly into a tree’s root system. This method encourages tree and shrub health throughout the year. The benefits are long-lasting and significant.


The Benefits of Deep Root Feeding


deep root feeding is a way to inject nutrients directly into the root system of a tree.



Because fertilizer is injected under high pressure directly into the roots it eliminates competition from other plants. In addition, deep root feeding promotes healthier more attractive trees, provides an increased resistance to diseases and insects, and reduces soil compaction.


Deep root feeding should only be applied by professionals so contact Lawn Matters today and ask about our deep root feeding program and make sure yours are the most beautiful trees on your street.