Getting Rid of Weeds Permanently: Weed Prevention and Control


Weed prevention and control is essential for maintaining a beautiful lawn. Learn how to prevent weeds before they take root and how to control them if they do end up in your lawn.

The Difference Between Weeds and Grass

A weed is a general term for an unwanted, wild plant that grows in lawns and landscapes. The most common weeds we see growing in Northeast Ohio lawns include crabgrass, dandelions, and white clover. Weeds are categorized as annual or perennial. Annual weeds die after one growing season. Perennial weeds continue to grow year after year. Both types of weeds can spread quickly through an undernourished, weak lawn if not treated and controlled right away. Grass on the other hand, is a specific type of perennial plant that is often intentionally grown by homeowners to create a beautiful and esthetically pleasing landscape.

Preventing Weeds from Taking Over Your Yard

You can prevent weeds from taking over your yard using a variety of methods as a part of your regular lawn care routine. First, use a preemergent herbicide in spring, which will help prevent weeds from germinating. If weeds have already begun to grow in your lawn, apply a post emergent herbicide. Another highly effective way to get rid of weeds is to simply hand pull them, ensuring you get the roots, or the weeds will be back in no time.

Start fertilizing your lawn in spring. Fertilizer ensures your grass gets the nutrients it needs to grow, helping it stay healthy and thick, which blocks out weeds. To get the maximum results from your fertilizer, water 24 hours after an application. This helps nutrients get absorbed into the soil and the fertilizer off grass blades, preventing leaf burn. Mowing on a regular basis promotes healthy grass growth too, which keeps it thicker, helping to control weeds.

Using Herbicides Safely

If you choose to use herbicides, make sure you follow label instructions carefully. Always read labels and follow directions exactly as written.

Can You Control Weeds Without Herbicides?

There are several ways to prevent and control weeds without using herbicides, however, we find the most effective way to treat weeds in your lawn is to combine herbicides with regular mowing, watering and fertilization.

Planting cover crops such as clover, alfalfa, or rye grass can suppress weeds and prevent them from growing. Another option is to plant perennial flowers in garden beds such as marigolds, petunias, or impatiens. They also provide good ground cover and attract beneficial insects. Finally, mulch is another effective weed deterrent. Mulching helps soil retain moisture, keeps soil temperatures cooler, and blocks sunlight, which all reduce weed growth.

No matter the time of year or status of your weeds, one of the best ways to prevent and control weeds is to call the lawn care experts at LawnMatters. Our weed prevention and control program destroys common Ohio weeds, right down to their roots.

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