Lyndhurst Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services

Get a greener, healthier lawn with lawn fertilization services. Fertilizer is an important step in your lawn care routine that ensures your grass stays healthy and can fight off weeds all season long. With the right fertilization service from LawnMatters, your lawn will become strong enough to stand up to the heat of the summer and harsh Northeast Ohio winters, helping it to continue to thrive year after year.

Not only do weeds make your grass look patchy but as they grow, they block sunlight and steal water and nutrients away from your lawn. Our lawn care professionals treat your grass with a weed prevention spray in the spring to fight off weeds before they start, then use a post-emergent spray to spot treat weeds as needed, keeping your lawn weed-free throughout the season. Learn more about Getting Rid of Weeds Permanently.

LawnMatters offers a weed-free guarantee and complimentary service calls to all clients receiving a full lawn fertilization program.

  • For healthy, thick grass during the warmer seasons, start lawn fertilization and weed control in the spring.
  • Add more strength to endure foot traffic by continuing lawn fertilization and weed control throughout summer.
  • Use fertilizer and weed control in the fall to help your grass endure and survive cold weather.

    We also provide the following Lawn Care Services in Lyndhurst

    • Lawn Disease Prevention & Control: Preventative and curative fungicide treatments for lawn diseases.
    • Lime Treatments: Raise the pH level in the soil to reduce high acidity and promote better looking, healthier grass.
    • Tree and Shrub Care: Keep your plants healthy year after year with expert tree and shrub care.
    • Aeration and Seeding: Create a healthier, thicker lawn with core aeration and overseeding services.
    • Grub Control: Prevent grubs from ever causing damage or eliminate any existing grubs from your lawn.
    • Perimeter Pest Home Defense: Keep unwanted insects and pests away with home perimeter pest control services.
    • Mosquito, Flea and Tick Control: Prevent these pests from becoming a health hazard and making their way inside your home with mosquito defense and flea & tick control treatments.
    • Commercial Services: Maintain a healthy lawn and beautiful landscape for your commercial property with a custom lawn care program.
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